Out of My Way, POLIO!

Chapter I

“PLACE YOUR LITTLE BOY on this table, please,” the doctor requested of my mother. He had spotted something. Having confirmed his suspicions, he was not ready to break the news to my twenty-year-old mother who, for the first time, had come to the hospital without my father.

“Your son’s right leg is a few inches shorter than the left one. He has polio in that leg, and there is no cure for that,” the doctor dropped the bombshell on my anxious father.

My illness started a new chapter in my parents’ lives. A chapter that would soon be filled with a never-ending list of activities I could not perform.

Life from then on would pose innumerable challenges for my parents, and even more for me in years to come.


This book is about how I managed to face and overcome many of those challenges and how I turned most of those challenges to my advantage.



Philanthropist, author and mentor with over thirty years’ experience in establishing and managing businesses and international charities like Isha Foundation UK, Polio & Children in Need Charity and Old Kampala Alumni Scholarship Fund.

Struck by polio after his first birthday, he was left with two simple choices: either dwell on the lost opportunities or embrace the reality and create his own opportunities. He opted for the latter.

Not willing to be left behind in a world dominated by able-bodied people, Arun used his disability induced fierce spirit of competitiveness to achieve excellence in personal and professional life.

Winner of the inaugural British Citizen Awards, Points of Light and a few others, his work has also been acknowledged by well known dignitaries like Dr Abdul Kalam, the then president of India. Arun’s story is a real life testament of what is possible in all fields of life despite being physically challenged.
Arun Patel


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